Always find time to do photography!

This is going to be a short post, but I really want to share something that I have realised over the years that I have been doing photography. And that idea is – always find time to do photography.

Even if you don’t feel like it, grab your camera and go out, because 95% of the time, you are going to come across a scene or an opportunity that will really surprise you!

I’ve lost count of how many times when I actually debated again and again on the issue of whether I should bring my camera while I travelled to particular places. And here are the results of that decision:

When I didn’t bring my camera, most times I gathered regret, whereas when I brought my camera, I always captured at least one or two good photos – photos that I wouldn’t be able to get if I had decided that I wouldn’t bring my camera.

We all have really busy lives. And it is incredibly difficult to find time for photography. So the simple solution is to bring your camera with you, everywhere you go.

Ever since I adopted this philosophy, I have been taking photos at the most random places. There are photo opportunities everywhere!

My mum wanted to go shopping one afternoon, and in the short space of time that I had while walking around (looking at all the houseware xD), I managed to come across a few interesting characters, and guess what, I had my camera with my to capture those images. It was a treat! Here are some I took at the shops that day:

Jane Zhang Photography Street 2018-16.jpg
Jane Zhang Photography Street 2018-17.jpg
Jane Zhang Photography Street 2018-18.jpg

I know, carrying your camera around can be a hassle, but time and moments in street photography don’t wait for us. We all know they’re fleeting, and once they are gone, they might not come around again. When we only photograph or take our cameras with us when we really like it, or really want to, we actually miss so many moments.

If your camera is too big to carry around, I’d recommend investing in a smaller camera – a camera that you wouldn’t feel burdened carrying around everywhere. Currently, I use both my Canon 5D mkiii and Olympus em5 mk ii, and for everyday carry around purposes, I use my Olympus much more than my Canon. It is also lighter, and people are not as apprehensive about it (it would also depend on the kind of shot you would like, more on this later :)).

If you ever had doubts on carrying your camera – just carry it. You won’t regret it. Even if you don’t get any good shots, at least you tried. The chances will be nil if you didn’t have your camera.

Carry your camera everywhere and you will always find time for photography, and you’ll always be looking around for shots, which also means lots and lots of practice.

Street photography is all about practice. Even 5 – 10 minutes a day makes a difference.

I think in a way, it is very much like gaming, or playing a musical instrument. I use to play the trumpet back in the days (and still game here and there now :P), I find that when I don’t play for a month or so, and when I play again, I am very very rusty. I have to take the extra time to gain the comfort and the confidence I had before I stopped. It also takes me a while to get back to the level I was at.

I find photography is very similar in this respect. Which is why finding the time to do photography, no matter where you go will really make a difference in ensuring that your skills are getting better and better, day by day. Each new day will build on the previous day, and you won’t move backwards.

You might not feel it, but every time you click that shutter, you’re getting a little better.

So let your camera be your companion, and a best friend when you go out. Even when you don’t feel like it, it might just cheer you up!  

Try it for a week and see how you go! :)