Moroccan Paradise 

Essaouria is one of Morocco’s treasures. Today, it is well known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’, with a rich historical background. Having absorbed cultural influences from the Arabs, Berbers, Jewish and Europeans, it has become an incredibly diverse and intriguing city. To me, Essaouria has its own irresistible charm. Walking through its medina (old town), bordered by its fortress walls built in the 18th century, it is hard not to feel its quiet confidence. It is a city with a distinctive energy and character. Its atmosphere could be chaotic, but it is imbued with a sense of serenity. I was very moved by this city. With its salty air, and fragrant scent of ocean and freshly grilled fish, Essaouria is in many ways a paradise of its own. Despite being an increasingly popular destination for tourists and local Moroccans alike (for its beautiful beach, art galleries, delicious seafood, local markets and the annual Gnaoua world music festival), it never loses its warmth. I wanted to, through a series of images, capture Essaouria’s unique sensitivity and humility.