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Street Photography Workshop

Melbourne, Australia

One of the most important things to me as a photographer is to help other aspiring photographers achieve their hopes and dreams when it comes to photography. I believe everyone has potential to be extraordinary photographers. When it comes to photography, practical experience and guidance can help improve your skills immensely. 

My street photography workshops are tailored to your experiences and skills, and have a particular focus on techniques to create images that inspire you and speak to your heart. I will guide you in developing your own approach and style. The workshop will run for 3 hours, and you have the option to choose between day and night time workshop. The workshops are limited to groups of 5 or less (1 on 1 workshop could also be arranged if this is preferred). 

During the workshop, I will share with you my philosophies and approach, and demonstrate how I take photographs on the street. I will also offer personalised guidance and advice on the specific areas you would like to improve on.

The workshops are held in vibrant areas of the Melbourne CBD (either during the day or at night), and cover the following:

·        Finding scenes with moving stories  

·        Experimenting with and using light creatively

·        Overcoming fear of approaching and photographing others

·        Distinctive composition/framing techniques

·        Developing your own touch of magic

·        Effective camera techniques

The next workshop will be held in Melbourne on 29 June 2019. To make a booking, please click the button below.

If you would like an alternative date, please contact me and we can sort out a date just for you. :) 

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I participated in Jane Zhang’s advanced Street Photography workshop last Saturday evening, and it did not disappoint. The tour started with a short coffee where discussion includes understanding of how your camera works, street photography techniques and philosophy. From there it is time to hit the pavement and shoot street. My workshop specifically focused on street photography at night. I was so impressed with Jane’s knowledge and style of teaching. Apart from being one of the nicest people you will ever meet , Jane has a true passion for her craft and just wants to share her knowledge with you. Jane is a true teacher .... never talking about how good she is or how much she knows ... but genuinely wanting you to be the best you can be and to get the most out of your time with her. And like all good teachers Jane can take what may originally seem confusing and break it down into simple bits. I would highly recommend this tour whether you are starting out your street photography journey or are looking to advance your skills.
— Adrian
I had the good fortune to attend one of Jane’s street workshops where my street photography previously was non-existent because I was nervous of taking photos of strangers. Jane’s patient guidance through her process was informative and inspirational. She demonstrated her technique and 5 seconds of courage as I watched in awe. Marvellous photos! My street photography during the workshop under Jane’s close tutelage was very good. I have much to practice as I still battle with nervousness but I think I am improving. Much thanks to this wonderful photographer. A highly recommended street photography workshop which techniques on subject selection, anticipation, lighting, timing, creativity and courage! Thanks very much Jane.
— Mike