Photography Workshops 

Would you like to improve your photography? I would love to help!

Currently, I run 3-hour beginner photography workshops and advanced street photography in Melbourne, Australia on most weekends.

Jane Zhang Photography Street 2018-73.jpg

Beginner photography workshop

Next workshop: 26 May 2018

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • The basics of your camera (different modes and settings)
  • How to manually set aperture, shutter speed, ISO outside of Auto mode
  • Techniques that would make your images instantly better
  • Working effectively with different focal lengths
  • How to connect with your camera and produce images that speak to your heart
  • And much more!

Advanced street photography workshop

Next workshop: 9 June 2018

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to take street photographs that will stand out from the rest
  • Distinctive composition/framing techniques
  • How to visually anticipate and react to a scene quickly
  • How to photograph without fear and get bold images
  • How to play with light and create outstanding images
  • And much more!



Throughout both workshops, I will guide you at your own pace. The workshops will be 1 on 1 or in groups smaller than 5 so I could give personalised guidance and feedback to everyone. I will also answer all the questions you may have. 

One of the most important things to me as a photographer is to help other aspiring photographers achieve their hopes and dreams when it comes to photography. I believe everyone has potential to be extraordinary photographers. As a result, I will do my absolute best to guide you.

When it comes to photography, practical experience and guidance can help improve your skills immensely. If you are interested in either of those workshops, please contact me here and we’ll chat about details! :)